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FORBIDDEN CURE (april 2011)

Three-hour event (3h) – seminar and discussion – by Rick Simpson

Quote: “My name is Rick Simpson and I am here to expose you information about the most medicinal plant known to man – hemp. Medical miracles are a common occurrence when using oil derived from this specific medicinal plant”

Rick Simpson, Forbidden Cure

Rick Simpson marks 8 years of his miraculous discovery, disclosure and spread of information concerning the miraculous cure in the form of oil that is obtained from hemp plant – oil that cures almost all serious diseases like cancer, lymphoma, sarcoma, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, ulcers , burns, psoriasis, AIDS, diabetes, depression, hemorrhoids, blood and eye pressure, regulation of body weight, chronic pain, migraine, mutated cells (polyps, warts, tumors), insomnia, scars …

Having cured himself of metastatic skin cancer 8 years ago, and subsequently many others from all over the spectrum of various serious and incurable illnesses, Rick has devoted his time to further research the oil, expanding public awareness and seeking the truth …

He wanted to share his invention with the rest of the world, however, was met with incredible resistance and lack of understanding by the authorities responsible for advocating for the welfare of people. These are various organs such as the pharmaceutical companies, government agencies for health, and UN offices.

Since then, Rick tries to reach as many people around the world via the Internet, various radio and television interviews and newspaper articles, so that people know their options and find out what is really happening – why is that medicine not available to everyone?

Also, Rick has held well-attended events throughout Europe, that is, in his words: “The best mean of informing the public, the place where I can directly reach the people.” Rick continues his beneficial mission of informing the public and so …

… For the first time in Croatia Rick Simpson is presenting in a three-hour event (seminar and discussion) information and knowledge gained from his 8 years of research and experience, under the organizer – the Spirit association from Rijeka.

After the Rick Simpson speech, the perception of health care and treatments that it offers, will be forever changed, and for the greatest skeptics, at least a bit, just to start looking the other side. In addition, you’ll be able to hear and find out direct from the cureall inventor, everything about the cure and its miraculous effects without any sideffects – a cure that cures almost all serious illness within 3 months. You’ll find out why is this cure not available in circulation around pharmacies, you’ll find out about cure history and treatments, how is it used today and what can be done. Also, you’ll find out about the use of hemp in a variety of industrial purposes, and many other important information … information that is fascinating in every respect. What is most important, for about an hour you will have the opportunity to personally ask what interests you about the information that you will hear on the speech!

This event takes the motto: “Knowledge for all people” and the aim is to broaden horizons and awaken attitudes, to encourage more people to think carefully about the drugs they are using daily, drug effects and health care in general. Based on the extremely important information that you will find out on the event, and your future personal research on the topic, you will maybe stop blindly accept what we call “law ” of health care institutions, and then we can work together to change it…

The seminar will take place in Opatija, in the Milenij Grand hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta, in the congress hall Orhideja.

jun 052011

Genees jezelf of anderen van kanker of van andere ziektes.

Een uitstekende en veilige stap voor stap handleiding voor het maken van THC hennepolie (cannabis olie)


This excellent and safe step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make essential cannabis oil (hemp oil) with a distillation device that reclaims alcohol solvent; thus minimizing risk of explosion or fire. Please use common sense and plenty of fresh air flow. Follow directions to the letter if you want the same results. Strong indica female cannabis buds should produce about 60 grams of oil from approximately 1 pound of dry cannabis buds; this oil can be applied directly to the skin for skin cancer or lesions, vaporized for lung conditions like asthma/COPD/lung cancers, or most popularly ingested for internal illnesses like cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s, chronic pain, insomnia, warts, abnormal or changing moles, cysts… the list goes on and on and on…

Een andere handleiding

Een andere handleiding voor het maken van deze hennepolie vind je op deze pagina: Cannabis hennep olie geneest kanker

Rick Simpson

Voor meer over de heilzame werking van cannabis op Phoenix Tears (website van Rick Simpson)

Run From The Cure – NL ondertiteld (documentaire over Rick Simpson)


Vitamin Cannabis deel 1 bekijk je hier (insluiten niet mogelijk)

Vitamin Cannabis deel 2 bekijk je hier

Vitamin Cannabis deel 3 bekijk je hier

Vitamin Cannabis deel 4 bekijk je hier

Vitamin Cannabis deel 5 bekijk je hier

Vitamin Cannabis deel 6 bekijk je hier

En… verspreid INFO over Cannabis hennepolie als een VIRUS !

nov 192010

Paula Gloria doet verslag over cannabis en recht. Cannabis geneest ondermeer kanker en is al voor duizenden jaren de meest veelzijdige en heilzame plant op aarde.

Vraag: “Who benefits the illegalisation?” *

* Antwoord: Big Pharma (de Farma Maffia) dankt 80% van haar inkomsten aan de “behandeling” van kanker. (dit is 1 antwoord, er zijn er natuurlijk meer)

Burt Aldrich on the Josh Volinski Show

Burton Aldrich, een ernstig ziek persoon door “het systeem” (corrupte corporate criminelen) geterroriseerd. Kan niet meer pijnloos de deur uit, omdat gebruik van marihuana buitenshuis verboden is.

[update 28-11-2010]

“Farther down the Rabbithole” met Paula Gloria, Joe Barton en Burt Aldrich

mei 202010

“The Corporation”

In de Verenigde Staten, in Canada en in alle geprivatiseerde corporatische staten voert men in alle hevigheid strijd tegen alles wat deugt. Zoals de strijd tegen de meest veelzijdige plant op aarde: Cannabis hemp.
Cannabis is al eeuwenlang bekend om zijn talloze toepassingen, waaronder die van de heilzame werking.

Rick Simpson met name en anderen herontdekten de toepassing om met hennep olie kanker te genezen. Dit is echter niet echt in het belang van de Rockefellers en de FarmaMaffia. Dus moet en zal “The Corporation” er alles aan doen hennep olie ver weg te houden bij iedereen en mensen die zich met de productie van hennep olie bezig houden te vervolgen via hun Rockefeller wetgeving.

“The Corporation” is niet gebaat bij enige vrijheid, maar alleen bij slavernij…

Joe Barton in gesprek met Christian Laurette over Rick Simpson

Bekijk ook het interview met Joe Barton van Paula Gloria.

Hoe maak je zelf je hennepolie?

jan 202010

Cannabis voorbij aan THC: het best bewaarde geheim van Big Pharma

Cannabis Patent
Ontdek meer over medische marihuana: “cannabinoïden als antioxidant en neuroprotectant”.
US Cannabis Patent # 6,630,507,000 BI Hampson et all

Dr. Richard Miller (Mind, Body, Health and Politics)
Dr. William Courtney (Leaves Of Grass)

Run from the cure
Paula Gloria praat verder met Rick Simpson.
Phoenix Tears – promotie van hennepolie als natuurlijk geneesmiddel

Gedurende de geschiedenis van de mens heeft hennep bekend gestaan als de meest geneeskrachtige plant in de wereld. Deze wetenschap is altijd voor politieke en religieuze doelen misbruikt.

How to Make Your Own Hemp Oil.
Interview met Rick Simpson.
Paula Gloria praat met Rick Simpson over het maken en het gebruik van hennep olie voor medische toepassingen, zoals het genezen van kanker.